More Cowstudies
A year later, I returned to drawing cows at the annual agricultural fair. I experienced difficulties drawing cows in positions other than the head to the left, and then my sketchbook was too small (I seem to be able to draw one size only) so I had to make the cows turn their heads, and my living subjects were not always inclined to oblige me in this. And I think cow heads in profile look wrong somehow - or at the very least like dogs, with the nose pointing upwards. (Compare with Pastelle.) But I can't help it, that's what they look like when they are standing before you!

So here are my four patient subjects, all but one Normandy cows, whose spots wre so numerous that I didn't even consider rendering them. The spots of the lone Holstein, Sude, I tried to copy on paper as faithfully as possible.

You may also want to have a look at the drawings I did of Daisy the Dairy Cow. For the moment, only her diary is online. Enjoy!

To be continued...