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  Inki, the Lammen Gorthaur wrote on 07/05/2005 at 02H47 :
  Hello from Barad-Dur! :-)Well, America, actually....
Just hopping (hahahah) in to say hello, and take a peek! Your site is very well laid out, thought the British banner does disappear for me now and then. So wonderful to see all those pictures you've taken, and read about you! Hugs and Moos! InkI
  Adrienne wrote on 19/04/2005 at 02H44 :
  Hi from the booming metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! My only challenge in accessing the English pages was that the top banner cut off the British flag. Initially I could only find German & French, but eventually figured it out.
  Tanja wrote on 29/03/2005 at 07H55 :
  Hi! I checked both the German and English guestbook - and couldn't find anything wrong with them. I think the whole page looks fabulous, as I've told you already. C U! Tanja

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